It All Makes Sense…

The premature cabin fever, the overwhelming winter- or should I say- autumn blues… it’s a certified seasonal disorder… well, I’m sure the gloomy weather we’ve been having isn’t helping, anyways. And it’s been unusually dismal these past few months, according to Environment Canada.

Instead of the normal 475 hours of sunlight we normally get in the months of September, October and November, we only got 343 hours. Crazy, eh? And we haven’t had a stretch so gray since the year I was born- 1977.

“We were robbed of about 130 hours of sunshine we would normally get in that period, so I can understand why people who suffer seasonal disorders would have been depressed,” Environment Canada’s senior climatologist Dave Phillips said. “They would have had a miserable season, and the fall really should be a glorious time.”

I normally feel the affects of Seasonal Affective Disorder in February… depression, lethargy, general apathy. But at least then I expect it coming. This fall it took me by surprise. I think I’m past it now though, and knowing the cause makes me feel a lot better!

Update: So I got to wondering, is there a ceremony or ritual I can perform, anything that addresses my dependency on the sun? I looked up “the sun” in my Easy-to-Use Shamanism book (I know it sounds corny, but it’s a pretty cool book!), and lo and behold, there’s an activity that may be able to help me. Basically, I have to keep a record of energy levels (of mind, body, spirit and emotions) in comparison to the cycles of the sun and moon.

“Knowing how our personal aspects of heart, mind, body and spirit are affected by lunar and solar energies gives us invaluable information, which can help us to manage our energy, suiting our activities and plans to our energy peaks and troughs; this knowledge, and the sense of being in step with the sun and moon also connects us to the land that we share with them.”

So I think that’s what I’ll do.


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