Looking Ahead…

It seems I’m already a victim of cabin fever… the winter’s not even officially started, and I’m already thinking of what I want to grow in the garden I’m going to plant next spring. Two summers ago, James and I grew tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, carrots and lettuce, and it was awesome. So, I’m looking forward to raking a rectangle into my stoned-over back yard next May.

And then today on Treehugger.com, there was this story about a guy in the States, who’s traveling the country building custom gardens in people’s front yards. He calls it Edible Estates. His motivation is the fact that grass lawns are a waste of water and space. Instead, he wants to see lush, productive gardens. “The ultimate goal,” Fritz Haeg says, “is to have everyone that comes in contact with the project, in whatever way, to reconsider how they occupy their land.”

Awesome idea, eh? Man, my dad would have a humongous garden in front of his house… the lawn is pretty big. I don’t think they have to water it too often though. Hopefully not, anyways!


3 thoughts on “Looking Ahead…

  1. I enjoy looking at gardens myself.. but my mom and sister have this fetish to grow things.. If my mom had her way every grass would be ripped out in the backyard and converted to a garden. I think what stops her is the amount of work involved with pruning and weeding and such.My sister who stays at her in-laws converted their mud patch backyard into a lush garden. Almost looks tropical with lovely flowers along with vegetables. She’s looking forward to working on their front lawn next year. Gardening also takes up allot more water then the grass does!!! Expect to use allot of water. One way around it is if you can keep a large barrel outside to collect rain water. At my moms we diverted the ease drop to run water into two large wine barrels which helps cut back on water usage on those dry summer days.Happy Gardening Kari!! ^^//Oh.. almost forgot. You can go to this garden place that’s open year round. I took a friend there recently were she bought some herbs and other plans for the indoors until spring/summer arrives. It’s huge.. expect to spend a full day browsing.. keep in mind that they are not fully stocked and in the spring will be full. If I recall correctly I believe they told me they will be stocking up in March. Until then, they have plenty to choose from and also allot of gardening accessories!! No I do not work for them nor am I solicitating for them. lol 😛http://www.humbernurseries.com/

  2. My step-mom is the same way… she’s a gardening fool! The grassy lawns (front and back) at my dad’s place are slowly getting smaller and smaller, because she keeps adding beds of flowers. It looks really nice! And I agree, gardens do take up more water, but at least the water is doing something more than making the green grass greener- all we do with grass is look at it. Walk through it with bare feet sometimes, dogs and cats like to chew on it now and again… but a vegetable garden is way more useful! I will definitely get some rain catchers, so that I can conserve water. It’s gotta be covered or something, though, otherwise there’s a higher risk of getting West Nile! Pesky skeeters. I’ll figure something out… maybe attach a hose to the eaves trough… or something… That gardening place is FAR FAR AWAY! I don’t have a car, so it’s not likely I’ll go there… I usually just get my gardening supplies at the local Home Hardware. I’ve actually still got some seeds left over from the garden a couple years ago (they’ve been kept in the fridge), but I’m not sure they’re still usable. Meh!

  3. Grass also prevents and/or slows down erosion! ^^Trees do like wise but on a larger scale and more so useful in ravines and on slopes. ^^To bad that gardening place is out of your reach for now.. I go there on occasions during the winter months to enjoy not only the scenery but also the scent(s)!! ^^//

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