Lack Lack Lack Lack

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last week. After last Monday, I just wasn’t in the mood for sharing.

I would like to thank everyone who commented on my last *depressing* post; your kind thoughts definitely gave me a boost. I can’t really say that my personal opinion of myself has improved at all, but it certainly makes life a bit easier to know that there are people out there- friends and strangers alike- who care enough to comment! That’s just the way it goes, I think… one day you feel hopeless, worthless, like there’s nothing in life that has any point at all… and the next day you wake up and things just don’t seem quite as bad as they did 24 hours earlier. It’s like that for me, anyways.

Last week was still pretty tough though. After that brutal Monday was a painful Tuesday. I twisted my back, or something, and it’s been stiff and ouchy since. I have no idea. Meh.

So the question was- would I still be able to go to the Sloan show on Thursday, now that standing was a problem?!? I hummed and hawed about it, right up until we left the Golden Griddle (when I met James and Amy for pancakes before the show). James informed me that there were seats available, and you could see the stage just fine from them. I went, and we lucked out by getting a spot along the back wall- with a clear view of the band. They only played a couple songs I knew, though (most were from their monstrous new release- 30 new tracks!), and we left before they finished playing. I have a feeling they played a couple more popular songs after we left, but whatev. James and Amy said they needed to go, and I didn’t feel like sitting there by myself!

I did buy a shirt though, to prove I was there. I buy a shirt at every concert I go to, and I’ve kept them all. From Lollapalooza 1994 to all the Hip concerts I’ve been to. Wait- I didn’t get a shirt from the Scissor Sisters show… I’m not even sure if they were selling merchandise or not!


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