Too Many Options…

At home, I use Mozilla Firefox for my web browser. They’ve recently released the second version, and it’s full of awesome features I can use, like spell check, integrated FTP transfers, etc. Along with the classic Firefox functions, like tabbed browsing, these upgrades make Firefox an easy and quick browser for the avid internet surfer.

I just started using Firefox at work too, since I like to spell check my listings, and I can have more than one website open and not have it look like I’m spreading my attention thin to anyone looking over my shoulder (indicated by the number of open windows seen in the Windows task bar).

However, Microsoft has now released Internet Explorer 7, which is a completely redesigned web browser from the Explorers we’ve known in the past. It’s got the tabbed browser feature, plus it’s got this really soft, overall look to it (rounded corners, nice graphic font on webpages, etc… almost “Mac-like”). It doesn’t have an integrated spell check, but the Google toolbar I have installed will check any web forms I’ve got open with a click of a button. I’m not sure about the FTP function, but I imagine there’s an add on somewhere for one.

So now I don’t know which browser to stick with. My heart says Firefox, simply because it’s the underdog (for now, anyways), and is the antithesis of a “big box” browser (to me, Microsoft is like the Walmart of the internet). But the look of the new Explorer 7 is really nice! I’m torn… does anyone have any opinions??


2 thoughts on “Too Many Options…

  1. I’d say stick with firfox, just because it takes was less overhead on your computer and it doesn’t try to get it’s claws into everything else like IE can do.One thing to keep in mind, just because they seem like a ‘good’ company, doesn’t mean they’re doing it for the love of free software. Everyone seems to think of google and firefox as these noble alternatives to the ‘big box’ software companies, but they’re really in it for the same reasons.oh… the best perk about firefox 2 is that if you have a bunch of tabs open, and the system crashes, it will remember what tabs you had up and lets you resume that session.

  2. HAHA! Yeah! I just downloaded the FTP addon for FireFox, and it had to restart… all my tabs popped up again, just as they were before I shut FireFox down! Nice!True that Google and FireFox are definitely out to make some money, but they’re kinda breaking down the sort of “monopoly” that Microsoft has… the underdogs always pull my heart strings… hence my team being the Indians (well, that, and the movie Major League).

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