A Day of Normalcy

Phew. The last couple days of work have certainly been trying. You see, there’s this woman I work with, and we just rub each other the wrong way. I think it started when she got promoted? appointed? at the office, and I just didn’t think she deserved it… errr… it just didn’t make sense to me.

Anyways- yesterday she got all defensive when I double checked an order she had processed. She was all, “I told you I did it, it’s done,” and I was all, “I just like to be thorough,” and she was all, “You do, eh.” Then I said, “Excuse me?” and there was a moment where I thought words were going to be exchanged. But I walked away. I did ask her why she was being so defensive about it, but I don’t remember her answer… I didn’t really care why she was acting the way she was, I just wanted it to stop. Oh yeah- the whole order checking thing I was doing- was actually me helping her out.

But today went smoothly… we were civil to each other- which is as good as it’s going to get, I’m sure. Must remain professional. Damn office.

Speaking of The Office… my new TV crush is John Krasinski… Jim on The Office. He’s hilarious. And he’s cuuuuuute.


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