Ohhhhh… *Complaintive Sigh *

The Amazing Death Predictor predicted this for me:

Kari Gignac: At age 43 you will be hit by a train while napping on the railroad tracks.


Wanna try? Here:


3 thoughts on “Ohhhhh… *Complaintive Sigh *

  1. At age 31 while showing your work at a major art gallery, you will be accosted and later slain by PETA activists.that sounds about right. At least it’s not in a hammock accident.

  2. Oh too weird, as if I was talking to you today (over Pad Thai) about how I didn’t think I would live till an old age.At age 40 you will perish in an explosion caused by a leaky pilot light and a faulty electrical switch.

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