Elias is the Mystic Muffin Man

Bex started her new job today, and it just happens to be right around the corner from Henry’s. Sweet! I have a new lunch buddy!

We needed something quick (she wasn’t sure how long of a lunch she had), so I suggested Mystic Muffin. We head over, but it wasn’t until we got there that I remembered they don’t have a debit machine.

Elias, the owner, said, “You’ve been here before,” (which I had, but not for a while… how does he even remember?)
“I know, I just forgot that you don’t take debit. We’ll go to the gas station and grab some cash. We’ll be back- don’t worry!”
“No no… I’ll lend you $20!”
“No no! Don’t be silly,” I say.
“Here, I’ll loan you $20, and you can pay me back $1.50 interest. That’s a dollar less you’ll have to pay, compared to using the machine,” Elias reasoned.

I just didn’t feel right about this deal, I don’t know why. I felt like maybe I wasn’t going to be going back there for a while. But now that I think of it, I totally will be, since Bex is working so close. Also, that little loan would’ve forced me to go back- when I would also probably buy some more lunch. Totally good business sense on Elias’ part… as James always says, “You gotta spend money to make money.”

We went and got some cash, and I treated Bex to Good Luck on your First Day lunch. Yummy chicken salad on a pita and some of Elias’ fresh, famous Apple Bread… which he’s selling for super cheap right now- $5 for like, half a slab! I totally bought a slab and shared with the folks at work. And oh! There’s two pieces left! A perfect snack for during Prison Break. Yesssssss.


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