Gusts and Theories on Time

I can’t believe how windy it was out there yesterday! My windows were rattling, and I could feel a cold draft when I was sitting on my couch. Brrr!

Something interesting I just read in Microserfs:

“I remember once when I was majorly depressed for, like, six months. When it ended, I felt like I had to make up for those six ‘lost’ months. Man, depression sucks. So my logic is, as long as I’m not bummed, I’m not wasting time. So I make sure I’m never bummed.”
“You know how when somebody says, ‘Remember that party at the beach last year?’ and you say, “Oh God, was that last year?’ It feels like last month‘? If I’m going to live a year, I want my whole year’s worth of year. I don’t want it feeling like only one month. Everything I do is an attempt to make time ‘feel’ like time again- to make it feel longer. I get my time in bulk.”

If only it was that easy. LOL


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