Happenings of the Week

Not too much going on around here.

I finally got some of my photos entered into a contest. The Toronto Bay Initiative is holding their annual photo contest, and I entered these three pics:

On Tuesday, Stef invited me for dinner at her friend Zu’s place. It was excellent! We had an appetizer of squash soup and baked pita with sun-dried tomato on top, and the main course was pumpkin stew, cous cous with raisins, salad with vinigrette dressing and pears? apples?, and chicken stuffed with dates wrapped in bacon. Decadent! It was scrumptious. Zu is an extremely interesting person. She designs shoes. Ya. And she gets sent to China all the time for her job. Sheesh! She’s one of those people that make you want to be more creative, just from being around her. She’s applying to get her Masters in design in Milan… good luck Zu!

Last night a bunch of us met up at C’est What to see Stef off. She leaves on Sunday to go to Asia for two and a half months. She will be missed! And she BETTER COME BACK! I’m sure she’s going to have an excellent time, and she’s going to blow us all away with the photos she takes while she’s out travelling the world. BON VOYAGE STEF!!!

Oh… I also have NO IDEA what to dress up as this Hallowe’en. We’re planning to go out tomorrow night, so I’ve got… 31 hours to figure it out. It’s either gonna be… Mother Nature, “Disco is Dead”, a witch, a fairy or… yeah. That’s all I’ve got. HELP!


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