*** Note on my desk left for me by my piglet-loving co-worker, Sylvia. She’s not a vegetarian, she just doesn’t eat pork. Because they’re too cute! I think that’s a good enough excuse!

Thanksgiving weekend was bad, and good, and then bad again. But mostly good. I think.

It started out with the cancelled Sloan show, which disappointed us all. Apparently, Chris Murphy had a sore throat. Whatev. The concert’s been postponed until November 30th, which is fine for myself and James, but Stef will be in Asia by then! I was mostly looking forward to seeing Sloan with Stef, since we’ve both been huge fans forever. I haven’t seen them since high school, and Stef hasn’t seen them since college in London. Hopefully they’ll come back in the new year, and Stef and I will be able to go see them. I did spend the whole weekend listening to Sloan (thanks for letting me borrow your A-Sides CD, Stef!!)

Saturday morning, I hopped on a street car and went to pick up the rental car. The drive home was uneventful, except for the fact that my kitty cat continuously meowed, to let me know she wasn’t going to freak out, but that she wasn’t very happy about being in the car. She was a total schizoid all weekend long… but it was nice to have her with me. My dad’s a closet cat lover, so I know he enjoyed have a little fluff ball around. My step mom, on the other hand, does NOT love cats. But I think it went okay.

Step sis Annette and nephew Evan goofing around on the swing. It was great to see the family, and like I mentioned, sit outside on the new back patio. The weather was spectacular! I got to visit with Stacey and Chris, and with my sister-in-law and nephew, which was awesome, as always. I miss my friends and family terribly, but I really don’t miss Windsor. I told my step mom, “I wish I could just pick all of my family up, and transport their lives to Peterborough.” It’s just so much cleaner, and nicer, and they’d have less of a risk of getting cancer. I’m serious. Windsor is like, Canada’s number one city for cancer rates. It’s insane.

The drive home was also uneventful. I had my friend Niki in the car with me to take care of Queenie, so she was a bit more relaxed. I got home at around midnight… not too bad.

This morning I returned the car, and was shocked to find out that I was going to be charged $75.00 for incurred damages due to cat hair on the car seat. I was PISSED. No where in the rental agreement does it say that animals are prohibited. I wrote an angry email. What a shitty way to start off the week. Meh.


4 thoughts on “"GOBBLE GOBBLE, NOT OINK OINK" ***

  1. Yeah that sucks about Sloan! Boooooo! How dare they…!Glad to see you had a great time in Windsor with the Fam!Well, imho, they had every right to charge you $75 for cleaning up the cat hair in the car. They are not going to say that animals are prohibited, because they probably expect the pet to be kept in a crate, instead of having free roam of the vehicle. Maybe next time you should get a crate, or clean it up before you return the car so they don’t charge you.

  2. Yeeeeahhhh… well. I understand why they need to get it cleaned, because of allergies and shit, but it CAN’T cost $75, and I highly doubt it takes 5 DAYS to clean it. Whatev. Next time I rent a car and Queenie needs to come with me, I’ll spread a blanket out. She’s too chubby for the crate.

  3. Hehehehehehe she’s to chubby for the crate….yeah, so is Rosie!! My folks spread a blanket out for her but the damage has already been done in the 4Runner SUV. My dad tried to clean it once but there was still hair. He needs to like pick the hair out with tweezers or something!Yeah, next time use the blanket that you spread out on your chair at home.Hopefully, next time she’ll be an experienced traveller!

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