Jane and Finch

I watched a scary documentary called “Lost in the Struggle“, about the Jane and Finch area, last night on the Fifth Estate. It was insane. It followed the lives of three young boys in the area, each of different ethnicities and financial backgrounds.

There was Freshy, a 16-year-old living with his parents in a single family condo, his parents immigrated here from Bangladesh, and they both have full-time jobs. He’s addicted to the thrill of “flipping” counterfeit bills. He gave no other reason for living like a criminal, other than loving the adrenaline pumping through his body by taking such extreme risks.

There was Chuckie, a 20-year-old Vietnamese living with his mom. He’s a hero in the area, because of his “thug-ness”. Last summer, he was assaulted in his home, and the assailants attacked his mom as well. From then on, he said, he knew he had to leave the thug way of life. Now, he tries to stay away from crime, and visits schools in the area, wearing a “Violence Shatters Lives” t-shirt. However, he has no problem “regulating” Freshy with a lead pipe and five of his closest friends.

And then there was Burnz, 19 years old I think, who’s attitude is purely, “it ain’t my fault so get off my back”. He breaks curfew, and blames the police for it. He get’s turned down for a job, and says, “I guess I was too real for them”. He finally gets a job despite not having a high school diploma or any experience, and quits two weeks later because it wasn’t enough money. He knocks up his 17-year-old girlfriend, and is angrier than ever.

I was almost sick to my stomach watching this last night. Where did these kids learn (or fail to learn) right from wrong? The parents are obviously not fit to teach them anything about morality, so now who becomes accountable for them? I’ve heard the Jane and Finch area has been like this for years and years. I hope something is done about it… it breaks my heart to know that there are children growing up there, believing that that is the only way of life available to them.

The Fifth Estate did say, at the end of the hour, that of course not all young males in the area choose this kind of lifestyle. Thanks for the peace of mind, CBC.

On a much, MUCH lighter note… that bitch Monique was eliminated from America’s Next Top Model. Finally! She was only there to stir up the pot… but it was getting a bit out of hand. She’s pretty enough, but takes horrible photos. Hello! That’s what models do! Have their photos taken!

I couldn’t believe no one clocked her a good one. I was waiting for it. Now THAT’s the kind of violence I can get behind…

… I’m horrible.


7 thoughts on “Jane and Finch

  1. Too funny, Mike and I ended up catching that too. I couldn’t believe they showed Freshy getting beat up. What was even more shocking was that Chucky went around to school to promote anti-violence, but yeah, he had no problem beating the shit out of Freshy to teach him a lesson. The way Burnz spoke about how he could just shoot/kill someone if they mess with him, was so cold. Even if he was playing it up for the camera, it still was pretty bone chilling. But funny, cuz he wzsn’t man enough to hold down a job for his girlfriend and baby on the way.I just don’t get it. I have never been in that sort of environment, so I guess I never will.But the real question is, how could we help these kids? Maybe they don’t want to be helped? Chucky sounded like he wanted to get out of it, but I guess it’s hard once you’re already in over your head.Sounds like a pretty vicious cycle.

  2. That was some ‘Must see TV’.The one thing you said Kari that I can’t agree with is that their parents are ‘not fit to teach them anything about morality’. People are accountable for their own actions and decisions, even if they insist that they have no choice at all. I’ve seen people who’ve come from good homes, and have been taught right from wrong purposely choose to take the dark path, much to the objections of their parents.Sure sometimes the parents are gone, but in so many cases they are just too busy working to keep food on the table that the kids end up with a lot of unsupervised time. It is a societal problem, but I’d never blame something as general as ‘society’ for some kids jackass behaviour. The lure of the street life is just too much for some kids, even if they know what they are doing is unethical and morally wrong.then we watched a mountain biking video and decided that being a grubby stonner who only want to ride in the mountains is a much better alternative. and it’s “extreme”….. and you know how I love the extreme!

  3. have you heard about the two little girls who were killed in barrie this last week by their mother? the family has issued a harsh statement saying the government and support services failed the children.didn’t the parents and the family also fail the children?I find we live in a world where no one wants to take responsibility for their actions. Parents need to not be afraid to displine their children. you live in a crap neighbourhood? get the hell out. there is always an alternative to where you are. I know it isn’t that easy, it takes hard work and determination.It takes a village to raise a child. We are Failing Miserably. As are the parents.

  4. Yeah- that was a big question I had when I saw that Freshy’s parents bought a condo in the Jane and Finch area… I was like, “Why would you buy there??” I think I said it out loud! Kids friends have a lot of influence, and if you allow your kid to hang out with sketchy types, you can’t be surprised if your kid turns out sketchy.

  5. You guys should check out the video and join in on the discussion here: < HREF="http://blogto.com/city/2006/10/jane_and_finch/" REL="nofollow">Jane And Finch<>. 🙂

  6. Kids, young adults, want to mimic adulthood by creating an environment they think they can control. Regardless if it’s illicit. It’s all about control. To be able to control your surroundings, destiny even for a day, and make due by supporting whatever interest they might have at the time. For some its drugs, flashy expensive gismos or material items and then some do it for the rush. The high and material things is a given as it becomes a distraction to the pains the come along being in that situation. The rush comes from knowing they have nothing to loose. It all comes down to “I” and them. “Them” being society be it neighbors and/or the government and “the rush” being whatever high, not just limited to drugs but whatever they can get out of society to make them feel good to smother the pain and confusion.I lived at Jane and Finch years ago. It was very noisy and very tense. This is like 30 years ago. The reason my parent, yes my mother, lived there was due to the very cheap rent. This allowed her to pay for other bills to help support me and my other loving three sisters. Eventually we did move out of that area, but at a very high price to my mother.When it comes to why others live there do not look at the children as they do not determine where they are brought up. It’s the parents. I’m not blaming the parents but wish to ask you to look at a broader picture. Look at their backgrounds and their careers, or jobs as they may call it. The pay the majority gets are pitiful. Also do not mix parents with their children’s bad habits. Sure there are some parents who abuse drugs but the majority don’t. When you live in a violent neighborhood as you’ve seen, it’s so easy for someone to get messed up that the majority who are innocent remain silent. Not because they want too.. but because they need every day they can to work and not get messed up and end up in the hospital. Who’s going to make up for that lost work day when they arein court or a hospital and the bills keep coming in?The government is a lost entity doing a balancing act. The majority of employees who work for the government are not there for the people but for them selves to get paid and have benefits. They are individuals like you and me. The only difference is they push paper onto us and give robotic dry responses to those needing help.Case and point. When my mother was in a mother’s shelter with us kids they requested all cash from her to stay there. The other mothers who stayed there due to abusive husbands smoked cigarettes and drugs and drank alcohol. I still remember my mother asking the worker at this shelter why those mothers get to keep their money and they did not answer her. We left because the situation at the shelter was getting worse for my mother. As we left they wanted to give her back her money she had to leave with them when we arrived. My mother told them to keep it for support they’ve given us by allowing us too stay there. I still remember one of the ladies coming up to me and trying to give me the money to give to my mother. I was very young but very pissed at her and told her no!My mother was not born here nor did she have similar values most kids and parents have today. Each family has a unique situation. Due to being privy to what CBC showed this weekend I just brushed it off as reminiscing in the past. The sad part is that that’s only the tip of the iceberg that CBC showed as life at one of many neighborhoods. I could probably give you more graphic situations that probably took place then and even still happening now. I won’t though. My past and my thoughts on this topic is MY past while others are still living it today. It’s an individual choice we, they have to make. Whatever fate befalls each individual will depend on each person connected to them wanting help or change a situation.We all know it’s a frame of mind that dictates change but it’s also our surroundings that determines how far and where it goes. You can take ?????? to water, but you can’t make ????? drink from it.J.B.

  7. yo yall chilled to the bone by it? or suprised? wow where yall from? i’m from rexdale came here to escape war in india seen people in both places gunned down & other stuff dont bother me or nothing chuckie & them were faking it freshy never got beat up you realize chuckie & dem manz aint that stupid i know em they wouldn’t have stuff that police can use as evidence against them. also in these areas racial profiling by cops doesn’t help the situation. enforcing curfews that magically disappear when you white also dont help. teachers who dont pay attention or give help to the dark kids also mess stuff up. (dark=brown+black) lot of stuff add together and you have someone who just messed up they life. that how it happen dont be surprised cuz yall live in kingsway where if you hear about a murder you get scared. This the hood dont compare to india and stuff but still the hood

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