You Know What Sucks?

Being stood up. You know what sucks even more? Not knowing if you’ve been stood up, or if the guy’s grandma or dog died, or if he’s gone out of town, or if he’s just forgotten about the date.

Here’s what happened. I met a guy through MySpace (I know, *groan*)… and we’d been emailing back and forth for a couple weeks. We met up for lunch the day I left for my Vancouver trip, and it went well, I thought. Then, I email him when I get back, and he says he’s busy for the next couple weeks, but that he’d love to see me again. Great, all is well in the world- I just have to wait until he contacts me, letting me know he’s got some spare time.

A week goes by, and then finally we talk, via MSN Messenger (*groan*). We make plans to get together a week later, and I suggest Chino- a bar on Queen West where I kinda know the owner, and the possibility of a free shooter or two is a bonus. The date we set was yesterday- 8pm. I called him up at around 6:30pm, to confirm, and maybe to set a new meeting place, cause I realized that Chino was closed on Mondays. We also hadn’t talked since we initially set the date the week before. I got his answering machine, so I left a message. I called again an hour later, and left another message. I called again- just after 8pm, and left another message. And I haven’t heard from him yet. So- that’s that.

I’m feeling kind of bummed out about it- but not really, since I don’t know exactly what happened. Did he change his mind, and decide not to meet up with me, or to respond to my messages? Or did something happen to him? Or maybe he just got busy again with work? I dunno. Either way- he better have a damn good excuse.

It’s hard not to be bitter about things like this. I see all of my friends, and they’re all in relationships of some sort (be it blissfully common law, adventurous long-distance, casually attached at the hip, or booty call-iscious), and I keep thinking, “What the hell is wrong with me?” I’m 29, average height, average weight, average average average. Maybe that’s what it is. I’m the girl that’s extremely easy to forget about. I know this- it’s been a recurring problem my whole life. So- wah wah wah… why can’t I find an equally average man to complement me?


9 thoughts on “You Know What Sucks?

  1. Wonder if it has anything to do with not answering the phone right away. Like having the caller wait with anticipation and let their imagination groom and mold you into wishing and wanting like you are now.Get over yourself and move on.If it’s something negative deal with it when it’s brought to light. If not move on and live life without regrets. You know dam well life is to short.You may be HOT on the outside, but are you that gullible in the inside?xoxoxAdmire from afar

  2. Hmmmmmm, thanks for the insight anonymous. *sarcasm*Since I hadn’t invested all that much time into this person, the “wishing and wanting” comment you made doesn’t really apply.And since I don’t even know who you are, you saying to me, “Get over yourself and move on” doesn’t mean jack shit either. I do know- damn well- that life is short, and I’ve had plenty of experience dealing with negative issues. I don’t need some pansy ass commentor telling me to do so. Your capitalization of the letters H-O-T are confusing to me… and are you telling me that you admire me from afar? Or are you saying that I should “admire from afar” and leave it at that. It’s called grammar, spell check and balls. That’s what I have to say to anonymous comments.

  3. who would leave such a cryptic (intentional or not) comment and not leave a name? There’s some strange people out there.Dont let it get you down Kari. We have a habbit of finding things when we aren’t looking for them. I suggest you kiss some frogs, and if one doesn’t turn into a prince…. there’s always the hallucinations to keep you busy.

  4. So you had a date for 8pm and you called him at 6:30pm and got no answer. And the meeting place was closed? Maybe he showed up there and waited for YOU? Maybe he’s blogging about being stood up RIGHT NOW! (or maybe he’s a loser and stood you up)We should have dinner sometime 🙂

  5. You know J, I totally thought of that… and I hope that’s not what happened. I actually got out the door and walked up the street a bit in the rain, on my way to meet him, but thought- if he hasn’t responded to any of the <>three<> messages I left, then I don’t think he’s available tonight at all. I dunno. I haven’t heard from him yet though- so I have a feeling I blew it. Ah well!We should TOTALLY have dinner sometime. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you! I’ll be at Nuit Blanche though (somewhere), so maybe we’ll run into each other there!

  6. you didn’t blow anything. dude is a loser for not being stand up and calling to say you couldn’t make it.if he didn’t want to meet up then he never should have made the plans.

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