New Furniture!!

I made a trip to Ikea on Saturday with James and Bex, and I bought a new bedroom set. The Malm bed, two matching bedside tables and a matching dresser. I sorely needed the furniture; I’d been sleeping on just a boxspring and mattress for over three years, and storing my clothes in an Ikea Gorm shelf (you know- the super cheap one). That, and a small dresser that somebody threw out at 550 Bathurst. No more sleeping in a college student room for me!

Anyways- here’s what it looks like:

And the tables mount onto the side of the bed. Nice clean lines. Modern. Not shabby chic. I’m totally shabby chic, though… I think… I dunno. Ah well…


2 thoughts on “New Furniture!!

  1. hey kari, i like ur furniture! did u move apts in the end, bc of ur leak, or what happened. i am having a nightmare time in london trying to find a place to stay. been searching for a week…………. gotta crash to bed,,, have to do a whole nother day of flatsearching.

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