The Best Commercial On TV Right Now…

With the onset of cooler weather, and the lineup of new and returning fall TV shows, I’m finding that I’m watching a hell of a lot more TV. And as a direct result, I’m being exposed to more commercials. Normally, I hate commercials. But… sometimes, a company has a streak of advertising brilliance (or hires a more expensive marketing firm), and they come up with a new (or borrow and rework an old) catchy slogan and theme song.

That being said, the new Cadbury commercials tickle me to no end: “Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was Cadbury”. Especially the surf scene one, where the end of the song goes like this:

“And if a shark comes up and triiiiiiiies to bite you,
You can say, “I’m chocolate, IIIIIIIIIII invite you!” (surfer made of chocolate wiggles his cute little chocolate bum).

Too cute! As if Cadbury chocolate wasn’t irresistible enough already! And I’m not the only one who thinks so!!


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