… or Thank God It’s Thursday… since that’s when all the awesome television programs are on. Honestly, when the new season starts for fall TV, I feel like my weekend starts a day earlier!

Survivor last night was a bust, though. The Latino team threw the challenge (I love seeing Jeff’s reaction when someone’s thrown a challenge, or wants to give up- he get’s genuinely angry!)… because they wanted to vote off the lazy guy. I probably would’ve done the same thing, but I would’ve been honest and up front about it, and discussed the situation before the challenge. Doesn’t make for very exciting television, unfortunately. On top of that- they sent the smartest guy in the whole game to Exile Island, where OF COURSE he found the hidden immunity idol. In a matter of minutes, I bet. Good for him though- smart, sexy, buff Asians deserve to go far in this game! LOL…

After that I watched CSI… which was crazy good. That show always freaks me out, and never fails to amaze me.

And after that, I watched the season premiere of ER. HOLY SHIT. That show… above all… gets my emotions all toiled up. It’s a rare Thursday night that my eyes are dry at 11pm. Such a good story line, and the characters are all so likeable… I feel like I’ve known them, really known them, for years. You just want them to be happy, and wonder why so many bad things happen to this one particular ER. It’s because it’s in Chicago! No no… it’s because it’s a television show. I know that. Of course I know that. And pain and suffering make for good television. Make believe pain and suffering I can handle. Reality pain and suffering- I close my eyes. I can’t even handle the school yard fights that have been video taped and posted online.

What can I say- I’m an all around sap.


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