You Know What’s Cool?

12:31 PM
Stef: you know what’s cool?
snow man poo
12:32 PM me: hmmm… is it white? or brown?
12:33 PM Stef: looks like Hay
me: and for that matter… is snow man pee clear, like water? or yellow, like “don’t eat yellow snow” yellow
12:34 PM Stef: i don’t make this shit up!
12:35 PM me: obviously not… it’s the snow man’s bowels that make the shit up, silly!!
12:36 PM bwahahahahaha LOL
12:37 PM Stef: we are gross
12:39 PM me: what? no. we’re talking about snow man bodily functions
it’s just natural
Stef: sure is
12:41 PM me: it’s one of my specialty areas of study, being a naturologist and all
let me know when that joke gets old
Stef: i don’t think that joke will ever et old
specially since you’re a horse theif
12:44 PM me : yeah- that was my minor… I majored in native species of the Spadina Quay Wetland

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