Firstly, Friday afternoon I stopped at Shopper’s to pick up some face wash, shampoo, kleenex, toilet paper and chips, and as I was perusing the aisles, this lady with short dreads blew by me saying, “Excuse me, white bitch!” I was completely shocked. I told the cashier, and she said, “Oh yeah. She’s like that to everyone. She must have a disorder, cause sometimes she’s nice, and sometimes she lashes out.” Woah.

Friday night, James came over to watch a movie- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with Robert Downey Jr. (awesome, as always) and Val Kilmer (I thought he was dead?!?). The movie was really good… funny, exciting, sexy… Kilmer was hilarious as Gay Perry- which I didn’t think was possible. James didn’t stay awake for the entire film, which is normal, but he also said it was good. Ha!

After James left on Friday night (he had an early night, since he was heading up to the Harvest Festival Saturday morning), I watched a movie called Daltry Calhoun, starring Johnny Knoxville in his first serious role. I’ll save you all the trouble, Knoxville is not a very good serious actor. What am I saying? He’s not a good actor at all! But he is relatively nice to look at, and that’s why I rented the movie. It lived up to my expectations, which weren’t very high. A good movie night!

Saturday, I did jack shit. Absolutely nothing. No cleaning, no leaving the house, no shower, nothing. It was one of those days. I spent the entire day eating avocadoes and playing Baldur’s Gate II (which I’ve been playing on and off for about- oh, I dunno- three years!) A nice relaxing day, and preparation for the big move on Sunday.

Not my big move- Julia and Kevin‘s. They moved away from Parkdale (Parkdale will miss them!!!) to Vaughn Road near St. Clair and Bathurst. Their new place is awesome! It’s above ground! It’s got nice big windows! And no bitchy land lady to deal with! Well, not that they’ve experienced, as of yet. I’m excited for them… they totally deserve a nice, peaceful place to live.

Sunday after the move I went home, played a bit more Baldur’s Gate and then watched the series premiere of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which was AWESOME. Matthew Perry is back! It’s a great behind-the-scenes look at how a live sketch comedy program is run. SNL meets ER. It’s very cool. Watch it!


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