I was able to figure out a way to get the photos that I burnt to DVD in the middle of my trip onto my computer at work, where I was able to upload them to Flickr, letting me share them with all of you!! Phew!

I was worried there for a bit, cause neither my home computer nor my work computer have DVD drives. Time for a new computer, I think!

Anyways- lots of photos with stories about my trip can be seen here:

Vancouver Skyline


4 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Went through allllllllllll your photos in just under an hour! Looks like you had a brilliant time. You have some amazing sunset shots there missy! *envious*Kayaking and whale watching – now you’ve got the idea! That’s my kinda vacation. Good on you for going on your own to Ucluelet – did you get the feeling of independence and potential adventure? – It’s a rush innit? And addictive, so where we going next???P.S. You’re a hat person – not alot a people look fantastic in a hat with bunny ears on the sides… those are bunny ears aren’t they?

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