I’m BaaaAAAaaack!

After 10 days of flying, sailing, bussing, walking, cycling, climbing, shopping, eating, kayaking, more shopping, sleeping, more eating, laughing and taking photos, I’m home in Toronto. *sigh*

It feels like I’ve been gone for a month! 10 days is the perfect amount of time to be away, I think. I was missing my kitty cat and my bed. But I definitely had a lot of fun, and would love to go back. I think next summer I’m going to plan another visit to my friend Denise, and we can go camping. I’ve heard the camping out there is phenomenal.

Anyways- this is just a precursor to the rest of the posts I’ll do about the trip. Later. And there will be countless photos up on Flickr soon. But for now- breakfast (erm, I mean lunch), and a shower.


3 thoughts on “I’m BaaaAAAaaack!

  1. the ferries out there are amazing. Well maybe not if you have to commute on them every day, but they sure are nice when you’re travelling.A boat with no sail is still way better than no boat at all.

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