Weekend Update with Kari…

Last weekend I went home to celebrate my birthday with my family. I rented a car through dollar.com, and again- I got a free upgrade. Man, they know how to gain your loyalty there, I tell ya. Instead of getting a crappy little Ford Taurus (which is was I reserved), I got to drive a Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Too bad the weather was shitty… I only got to drive with the top down a couple times.

I got to Windsor around 10:30pm on Friday, and went directly to an old Tecumseh haunt- Johnny Shotz. Picture pool tables and St. Anne’s students as far as the eye can see (St. Anne’s is my old high school). It was Matt’s birthday, so we were drinking to him. Annoyingly, the bar closed at midnight, because the Tecumseh Corn Fest was underway and I guess all the drunkards from the beer tent would walk over to Johnny Shotz, wreaking havoc. I still thought it was strange that they’d close up the entire bar, just because of that. Anyways- Ben, Jonesy and I left, grabbed some L’il Caeser’s au gratuit, and hung out at Ben’s bach pad for a while.

Ben and the Convertible
The next day I did my laundry. ALL of it. Sheesh- I’m glad that’s out of the way. Saturday dinner was nice with my dad and step-mom, and then I headed over to see Dan and Roxanne’s new babe, Owen. He’s the cutest, roundest baby I’ve ever seen (well, except for my nephew!). Rox is a great mom, and they just bought a house in London. Congrats to them!

Little Head, BIG Hands!
Sunday we had a birthday brunch for me, and my brother, his wife and my nephew came over, as well as my step sisters (and their new dog, Oliver). Extended immediate families are the best! It was nice to sit and chat with them all… mainly about Vancouver, since Shirley (my step-mom) lived out there when she was younger, and Natalie (her youngest daughter) spent the summer in Nanaimo last year.

Once brunch was cleaned up, I packed up all my laundry and headed over to my bestest’s house for a BBQ. Stacey and Chris live in a beautiful little house on Hall Ave. in Windsor, and they just swanked out their back yard, so even though the weather wasn’t fully co-operating, it was still a nice evening. I had planned on coming back to Toronto that night, but the mix of people (not to mention the food and drink) was too hard to break away from. I ended up taking the morning off work yesterday, and got back to the city at around 1pm. The traffic was a bit worse than I expected, but it’s better than driving in the dark!

Stace and a BBQ Utensil
All in all, a great weekend. Expensive (what with the car rental), but definitely worth it! I miss my family and friends in Windsor… and I toy with the idea of moving back. But ONLY if I can find some kind of phenomenal job there (which won’t happen, since it’s Windsor). LOL!

See the rest of the pictures from my weekend here:


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