Another Year Gone, Another One To Come

What a great birthday! I had so much fun on Tuesday, that I couldn’t even finish my nachos! We went to Sneaky Dee’s of course. I was just so busy hugging everyone and talking and laughing, that I barely touched my dinner.

The evening started off fairly quiet. I made it to Sneak’s a bit early, so I took on the roll of strong independant woman; ordered a pint and sat quietly by myself, reading a book. The first to show up were Kerry and Lee, and then Oriana… then the flood gates opened and the next thing I knew I was surrounded by 20 of my closest friends! I just kept thinking to myself, “They like me! They really really like me!!” LOL… honestly though, I feel so lucky to have such a great group of people I can call my “city family”.

Ori gave me a great wooden beaded necklace and a wooden bangle bracelet. And Maria gave me some temporary tattoos, a can of some weird pink energy drink, a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser, some bath toys, and… I think that’s it? I got a bunch of great birthday cards (the cutest one was from Gab, because it was in the shape of a kitty), and Nestor bought me a Pro account for Flickr, which is like, the best present, cause it was a total surprise!

We stayed at Sneak’s until about 11pm, and then Kerry, Lee, Abner, James A., Maria, Graham and I headed over to Bistro 422 for a couple more pitchers. I’m happy to say that I DID NOT get too drunk (despite the fact that my stomach was fairly empty). The bike ride home was amusing, but not dangerously so, and I didn’t vomit at all… I even made it into work on time yesterday. I’m in my last stretch of 20-somethingness now, so I must start to act responsibly!!


This weekend it’s more birthday celebrations with my friends in Windsor and my family. Then it’s off to Vancouver and Tofino for ten days! Man… I’m living the good life right now. Things at work could be a bit easier, and I’m still partnerless, but those things don’t seem too bad right now.

THIS is why I like my birthday so much. It puts things into perspective for me- makes me appreciate my family and friends so much more, makes me feel lucky that I have a steady job, a nice apartment (even though it’s in Parkdale), and a coherent head on my shoulders. My 28th year brought me to this point in my life (as well as the 27 before that), and my 29th year will bring me further along in the journey that is ME.

Rock and Roll Kari

Check out the rest of the pics here:


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