Let the Birthday Celebrations Begin!

Today was the beginning of my birthday celebrations, which will last a good long while… just how I like it! (Actually, to be honest, the first birthday present I recieved was from my bestest Stace while we were camping, who gave me a really nice cookbook, some of her old throw pillows and her old Birkenstocks!)

The celebrations will continue up until I get home from Vancouver, probably, on September 10th. I know some people don’t like their birthdays, but personally- I love it! I get all giddy and excited, like a little kid. Not sure why… my birthday’s have never been like, outstanding or anything… I guess I just like the feeling of having a special day, all to my special self. Well, along with my friend Corynne from college, Tori Amos, and Ray Bradbury.

So today we had a potluck lunch in the office, for myself and my co-worker Jackie, who’s day was last Friday. It was a good one… we played 80s television trivia and ate Penis Pesto Pasta Salad and Gino’s Pizza (among other delicacies). YUM! Some days, I love my office!

Next up are a couple picnics on the Island (not particularly for my birthday, but I’m gonna make everyone sing to me anyways!), dancing our faces off at the El Mocambo on Saturday, drinks on the day itself (22nd) with close friends, home to Windsor for the 25-26-27th, and then off to Vancouver for 10 days. Man, I LOVE the month of August!


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