Sushi Letdown

I just paid close to $12 for shit sushi. I decided to try the lunch menu at Sushiman on Richmond… I was like, $9.85 for a Maki combo? Wow- that sounds pretty good. I guess I overestimated the “lunch” menu, cause when I got it, there were only four rolls of each type (three types, don’t ask me what their called). But you could hardly call them “rolls”, they were so sloppy! And there was a dark piece of tuna in one roll that I picked out. And no soup or salad! I’m thoroughly disappointed.

And last week, Bex and I went to I Love Sushi for dinner. I always order the maki set, it’s my favourite no matter what sushi place I go to. It’s also a good way to judge. Anyways- I was shocked to find absolutely no raw fish in this maki. The salmon was cooked (and dry) and the crab was artificial. I didn’t even finish it. Meh. I guess different shops have different variances of maki.

I’ve been spoiled by Sushi Island.


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