My Dream Education

Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education Certificate
Courses, Workshops & Seminars…
ATHL 117
Identifying Wild Edibles
ATHL 125
Hiking Local Wild Areas
ATHL 126
Snowshoeing Local Wild Areas
ATHL 225
Global Positioning System (GPS) Navigation
ATHL 400
Canoe Camping: Lightweight
ATHL 401
ATHL 403
Rock Climbing
ATHL 404
Weather Forecasting
ATHL 408
Winter Camping
ATHL 409
THL 422
Wilderness First Aid
THL 425
Wild Edibles and Ecology
ATHL 461
Backpacking: Intermediate
ATHL 470
Outdoor Education: Theory

Doesn’t that sound like just the BEST CERTIFICATE PROGRAM EVER?? Too bad it’s so far away… being at Humber College and everything. I don’t know how I’d ever get to the classes. 😦


6 thoughts on “My Dream Education

  1. The outdoor sex course involves many hours learning how to let go of the inhibitions associated with having intercourse in an unfamiliar outdoor environment. Many students find this course particularly enjoyable out of all the oudoor courses, since it allows them the freedom to experiment with other species.

  2. i’d have to say on a huge boulder, half in water, half out..finished just as some canoners came around the bend..kari, i totaly think you should take this class! or the astrology. can you do it part time?? you can always sign up for one of those zip car rentals!if you are interested, and i’d have to get more info for dave but a friend of his does a weekend course for some of this stuff, but i think it is more on the orientering side of things. a survival course of sorts. i’ll ask dave for more info.

  3. Hmmmm… I never thought of the Zip Car option… that might be an idea!!!I dunno- I’m definitely taking some classes though- I keep thinking about it, and there’s only one way to stop that- to actually take a class. So we’ll see!

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