After Much Stress…

I decided just to rent a car for the camping trip this weekend. It’s going to make the weekend A LOT more expensive, but it’ll be much easier… I can go down when I want, come back when I want, use the car to get groceries before I leave, pack the car with as much of my stuff as I want, etc. It just sucks that it’s so damn expensive.

It’s even MORE expensive, since there were no “economy” sized cars available. Only “mid-size” which will be $40 per day, instead of $20. BAH! Ah well… at least my weekend isn’t ruined.

By the way- if ever you need to rent a car… Thrifty or Dollar is the way to go… they’ve “hooked me up” so many times, and the staff is super nice. It’s usually the cheapest rate, and with each rental, you get a coupon for a free upgrade or a 3rd day for free on your next rental. I have one of these coupons, which is why I don’t feel too too bad about renting a mid-size (I’m taking the 3rd day free). Weeeeeee!!!



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