Marathon to Relaxation

I just found out that I’m most likely going to ride my bike to the campground next week. My ride fell through; not completely, but a day is a day is a day when you’re on vacation. There’s no way I wanna just sit around for a whole day, when I’ve got a campsite booked and the day off work! James is riding, so why can’t I??

Man… I hope I can do it. It’s gonna take 8 hours. From Hamilton to Port Rowan (we’re taking the GO to Hamilton). It’s over 100 kilometres… am I crazy?!? Hopefully it’s mostly down hill.


16 thoughts on “Marathon to Relaxation

  1. Well- the plan is to have Dave bring our gear down either late Thursday night or Friday afternoon. Meh. Or, if I can get a hold of Beth, hopefully she can bring some stuff down. I dunno.Do you think I can do it??? I’m so unsure- I don’t want to be suffering the rest of the weekend!!We’re definitely getting rides back on Monday.

  2. if you have a ride home, how come no ride there??i am sure you can do, in fact i think it would be awesome but your legs will hurt!! make sure you eat lots of carbs and drink a ton of water!it’s one of those things -once you start, there is no turning back!

  3. yeah- which is why I know I <>could<> do it… but i don’t want my legs to hurt all weekend!!! no ride there because everyone else is going down either before thursday, or not until friday night.

  4. I dunno… it would REALLY SUCK if I was hurting all weekend… I don’t know i’d be able to not let it ruin the weekend (as much as I would definitely try).

  5. ever thought of hitch-hiking? If it’s you and james trying to hitch a ride durring the daytime, I’m sure there wont be any problems. The only thing you need to be a good hitch-hicker is a good listening ear, and between you and James, there’s 4!failing that, you should get on your bike right now and ride at least 50k. Figure that 30km/h is a decent speed on a bike and that still means over 3 hours of hard riding, and no stops.

  6. i’m not doing it!! I can’t. Well- I could, but I’d be sore, and I don’t want to be sore on vacation. So I’ll either wait for Dave, or hopefully maybe <>hopefully<> Beth will come and pick me up from the Hamilton Go station. I dunno.

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