9 Days and Counting…

… until we go camping, of course. The annual “Wheatley” event (although now it’s held at Long Point Provincial Park, which is more central, since I’m living in Toronto), is my favourite part of the year. Along with my birthday, which makes the month of August the BEST. We look forward to it for months before hand and have the sites booked as much in advance as possible.

We’ve got three sites full up this year (normally it’s only two), and I can’t wait to party with some of my old friends from Windsor and my current friends from here in Toronto. It’s been going on for… oh my god… is this the tenth year?!? Jesus christ I’m old! But HELL YESSSS- that’s a tradition if there ever was one!

Some of the rituals performed at Wheatley:
– General Nudity (streaking, sun bathing and warming by the fire)
– The Decorating of the Dome (with images clipped out of periodicals like Options, etc., which Ben so readily provides)
– Skinny Dipping (I guess this could go with “General Nudity”, but it’s sweet enough to have its own spot on this list)
– Story Time with Ben (there are actual articles to read in those magazines he brings, but it’s usually a “picture book” if you know what I mean)
– Kari Actually Cooks (and I enjoy it… for some reason, I much prefer cooking on an open fire, rather than in a kitchen on a stove)
Hammocking (I bring my nifty hammock chair, Stacey brings her sling from Brazil, and it’s a swinging good time)
– The Burning of the Porn (for which Ben specially picks an honourable song for the ceremony)

This year we’re also talking about starting a “Survivor” day, with challenges, prizes and team buffs.

OOooohhhh I can’t wait!!!


2 thoughts on “9 Days and Counting…

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