Vacation Planning

So, last Wednesday, I finally got around to requesting time off work, in order to go to Vancouver for 10 days in September. I say “finally”, cause I’m a huge procrastinator, and for some reason, I couldn’t get motivated to plan this trip. I’m a little hesitant when it comes to spending huge chunks of money, so the plane ticket was kinda stressful to buy. I did that too, though, on Wednesday!

The ticket ended up being $519.40 CDN… not too bad I don’t think. It’s like, $100 cheaper than I expected. And we’ll being staying at friends places (Bex and James are coming with me for the first four days), so I’ll only have to pay for lodging when I’m in Tofino. That means I’ve got lots of money to spend doing touristy things!!

Here’s a list of the places I want to visit while there:
– Capilano Suspension Bridge
– Gastown (historical part of city)
– South Main (trendy, bohemian part of city)
– Stanley Park (maybe rent some bikes)
– Grouse Mountain Skylift
– Hiking in Mount Seymor or Cypress Provincial Park
– UBC Museum of Anthropology
– Aquarium
– Vancouver Art Gallery

I also want to go canoeing/kayaking, and possibly a nice spa day for myself. Maybe I’ll treat myself and my friend Denise to a spa on the Saturday before I leave. That’d be awesome.

When in Tofino, I’d like to try to surf, but we’ll see about that. And I wouldn’t mind camping in the mountains for a night, but that means I’d have to buy or rent a tent… so many options! It’s gonna be so much fun!!!


14 thoughts on “Vacation Planning

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  2. Ummmm… let’s not have guns. And $1500?!? Now I know, all the people that own guns MUST be selling drugs. How else could they afford that?!? Or else they just steal things (like my bike).

  3. Guns, shmuns, duns…If you want to kill someone, you should do it the old fashioned way which many might call ‘the only way’; from the comfort of your own home press a button that launches a nuclear warhead into the city of the intended victim and hope that they aren’t on vacation.

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