They Cut Me Off!!

Not on my bike this time, though.

I sat down for dinner this evening, turned on my tv and all I got was snow! Wha? I asked my landlord if they cut any wires or anything, and he said that the cable guys had been there this morning for the new guy (Drew- nice guy) in apartment 2. Bah! My landlord said not to worry though, he saw where they disconnected the wires in the back of the house, and they’ll hook them back up later. I’m hoping it’s that simple.

I haven’t paid for cable in a long time. I don’t really want to start. Hmph.

However, I do still get the CBC. I watched a bit of that new show, 11 Cameras… my friend Ryan is working on it (I can’t remember exactly what he does, I think post-production?), and there’s this girl in the show, and I’m like, “I recognize her!”. It was Jeanne-Ann, Julia’s friend! I met her at the the shower and the wedding, and she’s super nice. Yay Jeanne-Ann!!

So, the show- it’s kinda like Train 48, but through the eyes of a webcam on a computer screen. It’s neat. The story lines are somewhat intriguing, and I can see teenage girls liking it a lot.

Now I’m watching Trudeau II: Maverick in the Making. Gotta love the CBC.


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