Dee’s and Drums

Tuesday night I met up with some friends at Sneaky Dee’s, since that’s where I chose as my favourite place for the “My Toronto includes…” project. It was an excellent time. Nachos, red barron and friends are all I need in this world. Well, maybe a man, but that’s another story…

As always, things got slightly out of hand. A nacho ended up in my beer.

James tried out the new “seafood” dish. He didn’t like it much.

I tried my best to shove a whole nacho in my mouth. That never works out, since my mouth is unusually small.

Bex got something caught in her teeth. It was a spicy piece of pepper.

The top three buttons of my shirt came undone. But only after I put on Becky’s sexy shades. By the way: BEX RHYMES WITH SEX.

Stef was sure, so she raised her hands. She’s also completely ridonkulous.

We finished the meal with some after-dinner cell phone sex. Always a good time.

After, we headed over to Trinity Bellwoods Park for the drum circle. Two summers ago, Stef I came to these fairly regularly. They’re a great way to release some mid-week stress, and to reconnect with what’s important (whatever that might be for you). The drum circle got busted, since the group had no permit, and there were stupid people who brought alcohol. Apparently, though, they’re back on again! Sweet!


9 thoughts on “Dee’s and Drums

  1. Maybe < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Kelly,<> was at the park too. I saw that there was Poi spinning. She does that quite often. Did you see her?

  2. omg.tuesday night was amazing. dancing felt so good. Always a little smelly in the circle when you’re dancing but DAMN! The vibe is always intence, inviting and embracing. I LOVE IT

  3. Nice! Love the pics and the cell phone fornication. That first pic of the guy with the drum is a guy that used to work at IMAX. His name is Jason. Kari, I think you might have met him when we went to the Supermarket that one night.Looks like I should have stayed at the drum circle!

  4. I’d like to check out Trinity Bellwood. They moved the drumming circle to Queens Park for a while, before the organizer decided to get a permit for Bellwood. I have no idea how to get to that place, since then my drum has seen no action. There’s more information at I’m definitely going to check it out again, my doubek has a distinct sound.

  5. yeah yeah! tuesday nights… trinity bellwoods is in between < HREF=",+toronto&f=q&ll=43.648125,-79.4139&spn=0.009114,0.020213&t=k&om=1" REL="nofollow">queen and dundas, gore vale and crawford streets<>.

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