The Best Wings Ever!!!

So, last night I tried my hand at chicken wings. I’d gotten a bag of wings for cheap at Price Chopper, and they’ve been taking up room in my freezer for a while. Honestly, I just really don’t like handling raw meat. And I had to cut the wings into the two pieces- that wasn’t pretty. Anyways- after a complete spray down of all the surfaces in my kitchen with some extra-strength household disinfectant, I think it’s safe to go in there again.

SAUCE But I digress.

The wings turned out fabulous! I used this recipe from, but I used balsamic instead of white vinegar, and garlic salt in place of the garlic powder/salt (it’s all I had). I also added sesame seeds, just cause I love sesame seeds. It worked perfectly! I had my reservations when it said to fry the wings in a 1/2 cup of butter (margarine), but the aroma was mouth-watering, and reminded me of my grandma’s kitchen.

I didn’t think I had it in me! I’m super proud of myself. They aren’t very healthy, but they’re damn tasty! The only problem is that it took forever to make them. I didn’t end up eating last night until 9:30pm (which for some is normal, ahem, Stacey and Chris!!) Then again, I didn’t take the wings out to thaw until after work, and it took longer to brown them in the frying pan than I thought it would. I was gonna make some fries to have with them, but I ended up just eating some pretzels instead. Total bar food! Too bad I didn’t have any alcohol left. LOL


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