Debauchery in Photographs

LOL- how many hits do you think my blog will get with that title?!?

So, Tuesday it was decided that my friends and I needed to drink more Corona. We were initially planning on hitting a patio somewhere, but we’re all broke, so we opted to be creative… and rascally. Stef said she knew of a park that was fairly private. Here’s the story, in photographs…

I ate a chicken burrito from Big Fat Burrito. Man was it good. As always.

There were many photos being taken, since both Stef and I brought our cameras. See here for some of her pics from the evening (and other great photos par Stef)!

Ori showed up, a bit late and very tired from her Canada Day weekend here in Toronto.

We knew we weren’t supposed to be drinking in public, so we hid our bottles with our cell phones. “What beer? I don’t see any beer here.”

Ori brought some wine and cherries. I won’t be surprised if there are a couple cherry trees sprouting up there next year. But hey, the birds will love it! They’ll have to rig up a transistor radio somehow.

James got ahold of my camera, and took a billion close ups of my face, of course. The built-in motor drive in my Rebel XT just isn’t enough for him… I’ll have to borrow the 30D from work sometime, and he can see what the continuous mode can really do!

We sent James away to sit by himself, as punishment for his tendency to smack it up, flip it and rub it down. Oh dear!

Amy showed up, and she was immediately sent to sit in the chair. I’m not sure why… all I know is that James is the one who sent her.

Then James began to take close ups of Amy… I like this one in particular.

And we mustn’t forget about our furry guests… for some reason, Amy thought this shot was frickin’ hilarious… that’s a squirrel, in case you can’t tell.

moses was there, of course.

Although, I’m not sure he enjoyed himself, since he got thoroughly molested by James. This one is for Talia, who considers moses a phallic symbol for Canadians everywhere.

This is moses, morbidly embarrassed by James’ violation. Just cause he’s small doesn’t mean you can’t cause him to be traumatically effected! He’ll never be the same. He hasn’t said a word since “the episode”.

And that’s that. We had a great time on our little adventure, and as Stef says, it’s nice that it doesn’t take us a lot to be entertained! Good friends, good beer and the good laughs. All are plentiful when it comes to hanging with us.



2 thoughts on “Debauchery in Photographs

  1. poor moses!! being molested…he needs to hear the chester the molester song by sloan.although it may not make him feel better!yay to picnics in the park! and very little needed in order to be entertained.yours truly,Princess Ridiculous.

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