River of the Borderline Retarded and YouTube.com

We had our June book club meeting last night, the book in question being River of the Brokenhearted, by David Adams Richards. We didn’t really discuss the book too much, but we had some awesome movie theatre inspired snacks and some fun up on Maria’s roof-top patio.

We always try to eat food related to the book somehow, but it was difficult with this one. The only food I remember being mentioned was pie and fries. So Gab made a lemon meringue pie and Julia picked up some frites from the chipwagon in front of City Hall (MMMmmmm). Maria made popcorn, and I decided to bring some nachos and cheese, like the kind you get at the theatre today. Nestor was a poohead and didn’t bring anything… The book was about a Maritime family troubled by alcoholism; needless to say, we had the booze bit down pat. We were drinking martinis and gin and juice.

We hashed out the novel for a couple hours, and then attention wandered to Maria’s computer, and youtube.com. That site is DANGEROUSLY ADDICTIVE. Here are some links to our favourite clips:

The Ten Things I Hate About Commandments (discovered by Julia)
The Shining Re-Cut (brought to us by Nestor)
Ah, Bibliotheque (a favourite of Maria’s)
VW GTi MkV Unpimp My Ride I (Gab’s pick)
Funny DUI (shown to me by a co-worker today)


Anyways- here are a couple other pics, taken on Maria’s rooftop.


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