Weekend Update

Lately I’ve been somewhat of a homebody, wanting to stay home and relax. Going home for a weekend always does that to me- I spend a lot of time by myself here in Toronto; when I go to Windsor, I’m surrounded all the time. So Friday, I just relaxed at home.

Saturday night James popped by around 6pm and got my ass in gear (I’d been lounging all day up until then). I met up with Julia and Kevin and we headed over to Ben’s party- where I was most impressed by his mohitos and mixed CDs he gave out to everyone (plus there were more than a couple cute boys there!). After, I was supposed to meet up with James and Stef, and then go to another house party with Julia and Kevin (a merging of pools, if you will), but I got confused about meeting in a bar… and we ended up in the Withrow Park. With Heinekin, sugar cane liquor, and greek food. Oh, and a poncho for sitting on. It was funny. Pictures to follow, since James is a slowpoke at uploading images.

Sunday, Bex resurfaced from her hiatus from life (that is to say, work), and we sat on the patio at Shoeless Joe’s all afternoon (Joe, the Shoeless Guy!). Margaritas, lattice fries and happy Canadians kept us all content. And it didn’t rain!

Speaking of cute boys… Every afternoon on my way home from work, down Adelaide and past Bathurst, there are always a bunch a cute guys standing outside of 660 Adelaide… it must be a studio space for a band or something, cause they’ve sometimes got guitar cases and the like. Anyways- it’s a nice interlude, from gray pavement and car bumpers, to see some nice looking gentlemen instead!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. The Financial Times, though?? How relaxing can that possibly be?? Unless your brain, like mine, automatically shuts down when it’s faced with copious amounts of numbers.

  2. Well, I guess James is cute… and we know Amy and Becky are cute… OOOHHHH- you mean YOU!Of course your a cutie! But you don’t need ME to tell you that!

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