Your Friendly Neighbourhood Crackhead

I’m riding my bike home from the Price Chopper on Gladstone, heavily laden with bags of food, and this dude walks up to me as I’m waiting at the light at King and Dufferin. He’s got pieces of black electrical tap stuck all over his face, with a ball cap and sunglasses on. I try not to pre-judge anyone in my hood, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Alas…

“You wanna spend my money?” he asks.
“Pardon me?” I say.
“You look like you can spend my money. You wanna spend my money?”
“Uuuuhhhhh, no, thanks,” I respond in disbelief.
“You want my address?”
“No.” I say.
“Can I have your address?”
“No!” I laugh.
“Alright, have a good day!”

I waited for the light to turn, trying hard not to look over at him. I rode home, looking over my shoulder every 10 seconds to make sure he wasn’t following me! He wasn’t. Phew.

CRAZY!!! Just another day in the life of a Parkdalian.


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