You Like Me! You Really Really Like Me!!

It’s so nice to hear that people are thinking about you.

Earlier today I got an email from Maria, telling me that one of Rannie’s posts today was about me! I was like, wha?!? I headed over to to find Rannie’s tips and advice (with helpful links) about cooking for just one or two people. He was inspired by my post from yesterday! And if that wasn’t enough, he goes on to day that I am “single, cute and into photography… what more could you ask for?” Awwww shucks. Thanks Rannie!!! You’re the sweetest!

So far I’ve learned- to choose fruits in varying stages of ripeness… broken cookies work well when sprinkled over ice cream… peanut butter and bacon go well together.

And THEN… I get an Official Visitor’s Guide from Tourism Vancouver, sent to me at work. I know I’d signed up for some travel guides for Scotland, but I didn’t remember sending away for anything about Vancouver (to which I’m planning to travel, probably in September, in lieu of Scotland, which is just too expensive for me right now). Well, I found out that my co-worker Sylvia sent away for it on my behalf!! Now I have NO excuses to delay the planning of this trip (I’m horrible for procrastinating, especially when it comes to spending big chunks of money) .

So far, I’ve found that- a flight out to Vancouver will cost me less than $800 CDN, and will be cheaper if I fly out on a week day… I can stay in a hostel for $27 a night (and make meals there, instead of going out all the time)… Commercial Drive in Vancouver is where all the junkies live.

On a completely unrelated note, I dreamt that my camera was stolen last night, so I left it at home today. Alas, I won’t have it to take pictures of the planting Stef and I will be doing in the Spadina Wetland this evening (maybe she’ll bring her NEW CAMERA- congrats Stef on the purchase of your D50!)


4 thoughts on “You Like Me! You Really Really Like Me!!

  1. I know how to watermark photos… you’ve got to create an action, and then apply that action to a batch. There’s a few steps involved! I’ll show you…

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