Un-Domestic Goddess?

I’m sick of not knowing how to cook. And I’m sick of not being able to keep plants alive. This year- I will change all that!!!

If anyone has any cooking tips- let me know. Send me some easy recipes at karigignac@hotmail.com.

I’m going to really try to cook more often, and I’m not talking pasta and sauce from a tin mixed with frozen vegetables. I need to learn what herbs and spices taste good with what foods in what amounts and I need to learn about uncooked portions as compared to cooked portions.

Last week, I made tuna pasta salad, and I made so much elbow macaroni, I had to split it in half and freeze what I couldn’t use right away. Lesson #1- pasta does not freeze well. Lesson #2- neither do cucumbers. Is it common sense? Am I just a complete dolt?!?

And then again, last Thursday, I wanted to make just enough pasta to cover that evening’s dinner and Friday’s lunch. I’m still eating it now!! Dammit!

The problem is, it’s no fun cooking for yourself. I don’t have the motivation to experiment, or try new recipes. If it’s just going to be me eating it, I tend to just make some Kraft Dinner or a frozen pizza. Meh. I need to cut all starch out of my diet. MEH!


6 thoughts on “Un-Domestic Goddess?

  1. Never fear! Cooking takes practice, just like everything else. (see how you just learned all about how not to freeze pasta and cucumbers?)…for starters, a LOT can be done with garlic. Start with that.

  2. You have to be patient with cooking. I find that one of the biggest problems people who don’t cook have is that they try and rush things, and wind up doing things like turn up the heat too much, or over (or under) stir.

  3. changing your perspective and idea of what a ‘meal’ is also helps.Honestly, i eat A LOT of sandwiches, but all sorts. some times i grill them, sometimes i just put veggies and some times i even put fruit on them!being realistic about how much you can eat helps too, while you are learning. i ALWAYS make myself eat a meal, even if it is disgusting, i have to eat at least half. Why? Because I’ll never know when I’ve cooked something right if i don’t know what bad food taste like.Go through your cookbooks and pick a few things you think you might like. From there, once you’ve mastered it to your liking, start experimentig and replacing this with that and those with this…it takes time but you’ll learn!!i also take one day a week to do things like, cook a pasta salad or make something in the slow cooker or bake my chicken. I don’t have a microwave so cooking, especially reheating, takes awhile. But i like it. it forces me to slooooow down.

  4. I’ve got a few recipes I like, and I do the “cook a big pot of stuff for lunches” thing once a week too. Maybe I’m just bored with that stuff, though, and I need some new recipes… I HAVE to give up eating so much starch. I eat way too much pasta, bread, bagels, chips, blah blah blah. But I can’t give up my PB & J on toast every morning!! I’m gonna start buying wraps though… everything goes in a wrap!

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