I find it strangely ironic that the TTC folks decided to strike TODAY. The kick-off of Bike Week 2006 in Toronto. For good or bad, and for many different reasons, there were multitudes of cyclists on the streets this morning, swerving in and out of the increased number of motor vehicles that were begrudgingly driven downtown. To those of you who stayed at home today, even though you live within cycling, blading or walking distance to work, I say BOO to YOU. Hopefully there aren’t too many of you out there!

For the past couple weeks I’ve been looking forward to eating some pancakes, courtesy of the City of Toronto. I showed up at City Hall this morning at 8:30am, met up with James on the west side of the “pond” and waited in line to get some yummy flatcakes… all the while being offered free water bottles, orange slices, croissants, buttons and pamphlets from organizations like Ontario Power Generation (who’s down with OPG, ya you know me), CAN-BIKE, the Toronto Cycling Committee and Now Magazine. We enjoyed some early big band classics being played up on stage, a pleasant speech from Mayor Miller (who was probably gritting his teeth, trying his best not to blurt out “F**K the TTC!”), and some encouraging talks by councillors from around town and country (YAY for Peggy Nash and Olivia Chow!).

Who cares if I was 30 minutes late for work… it was for a good cause! I wanted pancakes dammit! “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!”

If you’re a cycler (and even if you’re not, I guess), don’t forget to check out the other Bike Week 2006 events, happening all this week and next.


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