The Weekend of the Avocado

Last Wednesday I bought an avocado for the first time. I’ve liked avocados for a while; you might remember me talking about how good the guacamole is at Sneaky Dee’s… I had just never purchased one before myself. I picked a nice ripe one, without too many spots on it (I really had no idea what to look for).

Thursday was Becky and Graham‘s birthday, so we went to Lot 16 and shared a few good laughs and drinks with 20 of her closest friends (see more pics here). I called in sick to work the next day… I had a few too many… drinks that is, not laughs (as if that’s even possible). Friday afternoon I finally made myself get out of bed at 2pm, and cut into the avocado, figuring I needed the protein (do avocados even have protein in them?) I put it on a sesame seed bagel, with some cheese and cucumbers, and had a nice messy, but yummy, sandwich.

Yesterday I met up with Bex for some Sushi Time. I had a set of Sushi Time Maki and some Dynamite Maki. It had avocado in it.

Yesterday for dinner, James, Ori, Amy and I went to Doug’s By Day (I think it was Doug) in The Village (Forest Hill, I know- how swanky are we?), and Amy ordered a veg sandwich that came with avocado on it. I was still content from the sushi, but I couldn’t resist- it’s like an addiction. Ori and I split a veg sandwich. We also went for a crazy long walk through the ravine.

This morning for breakfast, Bex and I went to The Beaver- this great little spot on Queen Street West, just east of the Gladstone. I had the Avocado and Tomato Sandwich, which came with perfect scrambled eggs.

And now I’m eating the rest of my avocado, mixed with some mashed chick peas, lemon juice, salt and pepper, with some cheddar cheese on Triscuits. YUM!


I know, I know… enough avocados already.


3 thoughts on “The Weekend of the Avocado

  1. Check out my instructions on how to pick an avocado on this post < HREF="" REL="nofollow">How to pick an avocado<>

  2. Man, I look like Stephen Segal in that photo, only with a goatee. I really need to stop slicking my hair back and just cut it 😉I also have one of THE BEST recipies for Guacamolie (sp?) in the universe. I’ll have to make it next time somebody has a housewarming party…. which by my watch should be soon… 😉-Graham-

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