First Nations Dinner

Book club was last night, and we always try to make food related to the book. We read Three Day Road, by Joseph Boyden- it’s about two young Native Canadians who join the army and become snipers in World War I. The book was excellent, and the food we made was pretty good too!

Maria brought some Canadian wild rice, and I made some Three Sisters Soup (the three sisters being Corn, Beans and Squash) and some bannock (flat bread-Native style). Gab brought the rum (which always plays a big role in WWI stories) and some Heinekin (not related at all, but it’s damn good!).

I didn’t get a chance to take any photos last night, so here’s a shot of the leftovers, which I had for lunch today! YUM!


4 thoughts on “First Nations Dinner

  1. The leftovers at least look good.What a good idea to bring foods related to the book. It makes me wish again that I lived in a place big enough to support a bookclub. Incidently, how did you all find each other? Did you know one another before the bookclub?

  2. Hey John,Our book club got started as part of the Indigo/Chapters book club. I used to work there, and three of our members still work for Indigo. Maria was the only non-employee that signed up for the club when it started almost three years ago!!The related foods idea actually came from a book called <>Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons<>. The story was about a group of women and their book club- among other things. An excellent read- but definitely a “feminine” book! LOL

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