I’m agitated.

It started this morning when I woke up and the tupperware I washed last night was still not dry. Is tupperware some kind of crazy air-dry-resistant material? Honestly.

On the way to work, some guy passed me on his bike in an intersection. I find this completely dangerous and unnecessary. But I guess he doesn’t.

I opened my email this morning, only to find five more comment spams on my photo blog. I bet if I go check again, there will be five more. I completely deleted the god damn picture that was being targeted from my photo blog all together, so I don’t even know how the hell the spammers are doing it. When I get a chance, I’ll try and contact PixelPost, but in my experience they aren’t very helpful. Meh. This is the most aggravating thing of all.

Things are still tense at work, too. My co-worker is chilly to me, and I’m chilly to them. Whatever. It’s not my problem they get upset when I tell them to do their job properly. And I think it’s entirely unfair for them to make me feel guilty for telling them. I wish I didn’t have to correct them- believe me. If only my boss would say something, or better yet, mistakes are avoided in the first place. Whatev.

And now the scroll on my mouse is sticky. WILL IT EVER END?!?!?!?


4 thoughts on “Agitation

  1. I use pixelpost, and recently also started getting spammed. I think it’s those auto-spamming-bot-thingies. I switched to “moderated” commenting for now but I’d rather not have to. Bummer!

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