Weekend Update

Not too much happened, really.

Friday was Stef‘s bert-day, so we went to 7 Numbers on the Danforth for some authentic Italian goodness. MAN, was it good. We got the group dinner, and shared some appetizers- tomato slices with mozzarella balls on top (I’m talking the REAL mozzarella), fried calamari (not rubbery, so you know it’s fresh), salad made with baby greens and house dressing and feta (I think?), green beans (so fresh, they reminded me of eating them out of my garden last summer), and breaded artichokes. Then we shared some pastas- linguini, big penne noodles and lasagna (I think, honestly I don’t even remember, I just kept eating- the pasta was homemade and FRESH), and THEN we got our main course. I had striploin wrapped around asparagus with mozzarella, which came with some roasted red peppers, roasted zucchini and more salad, which was all fresh. Did I mention the food was FRESH? All the while, we were drinking sangria, which I didn’t even know about but it’s phenomenal! Anyways… the bill came to over $500, but it was well worth it!

Thanks to Stef for having a birthday!

Saturday I worked for 10 HOURS at the Henry’s Photographic and Digital Imaging Show… Imagine saying, “This ticket is good all weekend, so hold on to the stub and you can come and go!” 4000 times. I’m not kidding. It was ridiculous. But it was a good show (not that I had the chance to see any of it).

Sunday, I cleaned the bathroom. And watched Little People, Big World for five straight hours. Woah.

Rosa, the chef at 7 Numbers, was amazing.
Periodically she’d slide open the wall dividing the kitchen and the dining room and yell out something or other in Italian. It was hilarious!

More pics from that night here:


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