I Wish…

… I wasn’t so attracted to younger men.

… I didn’t have to work all day tomorrow.

… my co-worker would stop fucking up all the time, so I wouldn’t have to tell them to stop fucking up.

… my cat didn’t shed her fur so much.

… I could go camping every weekend this summer.


6 thoughts on “I Wish…

  1. nothing wrong with being attracted to younger men!!! you have to work tomorrow????stop correcting their work!!!Hmmm it’s that time of year. Maybe shave the kitty? would that help? maybe too crule…Camping can be done! even in the city!!

  2. Ten years younger is TOO young. Almost icky. But they’re SO cute!! I do have to work… the Digital Imaging Show at the International Centre in Mississauga. Blech. I have to correct their work, since they’re not here half the time. BAH!I think it’s just the type of fur she has- it’s thin and wispy… and I saw some dandruff!!! AHH! More brushing required. Where is there a campground in the city????

  3. meh, nothing wrong with 10 years younger. think of the stamina!!bleh to working – bonus – it’s suppose to rain ALL day.I think you can camp on the island, can’t you? i’m sure there are places to camp in the city. homeless people do it all the time! and there are camp grounds just out side of Toronto, like Darlington, and outside of OShawa. nice and close.i think the fur and dandruff thing is a spring thing. a lot of people have noticed it with their pets.

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