Chatty Thursday

Yesterday was rainy. BOOOO! But, because I didn’t ride my bike to work, I ran into a couple people on the streetcar, which is always nice.

On the way to work I spotted Bex and Graham‘s old friend from high school, Jim. He lives in the hood, but the last time I saw him was at Becky’s house warming party in March. It was good to see him, and I was surprised that he recognized me; we had only met a couple times. He told me he usually rides to work too, but last week he was HIT BY A CAR! It happened at Dundas and University- apparently he was riding through an amber light on the crosswalk… the car screeched to a stop, but not in time to save him from being bounced off the hood onto his ass. “I was like Wolverine though,” he said while making slashing actions with his hands, “I don’t have a bruise or cut on me!” Phew… he’s way too cute to be injured! He wasn’t wearing a helmet, so he’s extremely lucky that he didn’t smash his head on the concrete. I’m not really one to preach, since I don’t wear a helmet either. I know, I know… I’m a fool.

On the way home from work, Ken from the TPMG sat down behind me. He didn’t know it was me since I was wearing my winter hat (keeps the rain from spotting up my glasses), but we had a good conversation about photography and the likes. Sad to say, though, in one foul swoop he completely discouraged me from ever attempting to become a professional photographer in Toronto. Not that that was my plan, or anything. His argument was truly valid- there are so many pro photog wannabe’s, the talent pool is completely saturated.

He asked me if I had an exhibit in Contact 2006, and I said no… I didn’t think any of my images were good enough to show. After visiting a few of the exhibits on Sunday, though, I realized that all you need to be involved in Contact is a place to hang your photos, the motivation to do the work involved and $500 for the entrance fee. No talent necessary since there aren’t any curators. This is not to say that those included in the Contact Festival are hack jobs, amateurs or unworthy. I’m not saying that at all. My biggest problem with getting a show together is the daunting task of picking images, getting them printed and framing them. Not to mention the cost involved. I commend any and all who DID do the work; there is merit in effort, afterall.

Meh. Maybe next year I’ll have a spare $500 kicking around. And the get up and go to actually do something with my work.


4 thoughts on “Chatty Thursday

  1. Yeeeaaahhhh… I really need to work on the whole motivation thing (I know exactly what you’re going to say)… not only with my photos, but with travel plans and my writing. It’ll get there. All in good time.

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