Renos and Renegs

I’m feeling a bit better now, thanks to my personal hermetic advisor and a couple days put behind me. Phew. It happens every month, but this time round was a bit worse- I’m not sure why. Damn hormones.

Anyways- the big news right now is that I’m NOT moving in with my friends. Things got extremely complicated, and we figured it would be easiest for everyone if I just stayed put. Which I’m fine with. I think. The new landlord is fixing up our building- no more scary non-closing door in the basement, no more leaking holes in my bedroom ceiling, no more animals scurrying in the walls, etc. And they’re re-tiling my bathroom, which is nice. Except that they’re doing it this weekend, starting Saturday at 9am. I guess I’m won’t be sleeping in!

I found this funny website when I typed “purple gum, tastes like soap” into Google:
I was trying to remember the name of Thrills Gum (to comment here), and I was directed to this site, built by an american, about Canada. It’s pretty funny. I even learned a bit. My favourite was this, “When you step on someone’s foot, he apologizes. (This really happened.)” It’s TRUE! I find myself doing that all the time. It’s inherent. I don’t even think about it. Good ole’ Canadians.

On the other hand, I’m a bit disconcerted about the new budget, especially Canada’s pull-out from the Kyoto Accord. The climate problem we’re experiencing on Earth is a world-wide dilemma, and Harper’s decision (or whoever it is that’s making that call) to nix the Kyoto Agreement in exchange for “made in Canada” solutions is missing the point. I always thought the Kyoto Agreement was a good thing; nations need to work together to come up with a global solution. Meh.

I’m am happy to hear that personal environmentally-friendly decisions are being rewarded, with a tax credit for public transit passes. There’s also an increase in funding for public transit and more money going to paper and pulp mills that support the use of “black liquor“. That’s it. We’re just a bunch of drunks!


4 thoughts on “Renos and Renegs

  1. make sure you get receipts and save all those montly passes!! it’ll be a BITCH to claim the other wise.lengthy tax forms just got – the author of Three Day Road was on cbc radio the other night. should be avail for pod cast if you haven’t heard it.

  2. hmm sounds like fun but next week is pretty insane for me at work. once work is done, i’m not likely going to want to do much 😦things are good but crazy over here.bleh!and i need to sew my skirt!

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