Chasing the Blues Away at Sneaky Dee’s

Yesterday morning I get a call at work around 10am. It was Maria and she was in dire need of some cheering up. She suggested that we go to Sneaky Dee’s (one of my favourite places, in case you couldn’t tell) for some chicken wings. I’ve been telling her for months that she needs to review the wings there, because they’re AWESOME. Anyways… we meet up after her leçon Française, along with Bex, James, Derek and Dave, for some good food and a few pitchers. Yumm!!

Instead of getting the wings, Maria chose the Burrito Grandé Beef. She didn’t think the wings would fill her up! If you’ve ever gotten a Mexican Dinner at Sneak’s, you know how much food it is… and I was shocked to see Maria pack it ALL away! Where does she put it all?!?

I finally got my Kings Crown Nachos (sans meat and jalapeños), and everyone helped me eat it up… a good thing, cause there was no way I’d be able to finish it on my own. We didn’t finish anyways, with 6 people picking at it! Ahhh… I love Sneak’s! Reliable, grungy, utterly cool Sneak’s.

Maria, delving into my heep of nachos fit for a king.


4 thoughts on “Chasing the Blues Away at Sneaky Dee’s

  1. And it’s oh-so-colourful in there! Some band photos I took a few weeks ago will grace the pages of the May issue of The New Pollution < HREF="" REL="nofollow">magazine<>! ^_^

  2. get this…. I had a wisdom tooth pulled out today and I walked with my buddy to Sneaky’s right after to get some food. You can’t eat before the sedation (nitrous roxx!~) so I had to get some soft food after. The re-friend beans and the breakfast burro were just right. only thing I’ve eaten today…..

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