Should I Go Camping??

May 5-6-7… I’d rent a car and drive down to Holiday Beach Conservation Area in Amherstburg (near Windsor) to camp with Dan and Roxanne (who are becoming parents real soon!). $89 for the car. Probably another $20 for the campsite. It’s doable. Maybe!

Rox blowing… into a chopstick wrapper.

Speaking of traveling, if you’re fancying a trip out east and a stay in a beautiful B&B, look no further than Gîte Toutes Saisons in New Brunswick, the establishment of Barb and Phil Thibodeau (parents of some friends of mine/sometime surrogate parents in high school). I’ve never been, but it looks amazingly peaceful. One day I’ll go.

2 thoughts on “Should I Go Camping??

  1. Ah, Holiday Beach, used to go there all the time when I was a kid, when it was a provincial park, even if that was when Lake Erie was going through its “dead”, yucky period (soon replaced by the joy of cutting up my feet on zebra mussels). Also used to like riding my bike there from Amherstburg.

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