I Missed My Fifteen Minutes

Apparently, Maria’s blog was featured on Breakfast Television a couple days ago, and the photos I took of her shoes (with her feet inside) were on TV!!! Not that the photos were anything special, but STILL! I wish I’d seen it.

Maria called them to get a copy of the segment, and they said they could give her a VHS tape for $50. LOLOL… that’s precious. 50 bucks for a piece of plastic she can’t even use- since she doesn’t have a VCR! I realize that they’re probably still taping the show on VHS, but come on! They’ve gotta have something they can offer her. I wanna see it!!


5 thoughts on “I Missed My Fifteen Minutes

  1. Maria if you do get a copy on VHS I’ll turn it into a DVD for ya, with a bonus digital file perfect for displaying online! ^_^ (yes, for free, cuz that’s the kinda nice guy I am)

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