Promising Projects and Manic May

Monday night I went to the Red Room (where I was impressed by the cuteness of all the patrons, but unimpressed by the service and food- again- but DAMN is it cheap!), and met up with some writer friends of mine… we’re starting a magazine! Finally- my dream come true!! It sounds really promising, and we’ve got lots of great ideas. We’ve got our target audience in the bag, and it’s going to start off as an e-zine. YAY!!!

Looking at my date book I’m realizing that May is going to be insane. From Julia and Kevin’s wedding this Saturday (which is also The Great Indian Bus Tour and Rannie’s Toronto Squared exhibit opening), to the Digital Imaging Festival, to all the events, birthdays, and ending the month of with a nice Sunday morning of inventory on the 28th. And I have to move somewhere in there!!!

I won two tickets to the Great Indian Bus Tour for April 29th… if anyone wants to go with me, let me know! I’m definitely going… I’m completely fascinated with Native Culture. I think it’s going to be a great tour.


7 thoughts on “Promising Projects and Manic May

  1. The first and last time that I went on a Great Indian Bus Tour, the driver got lost, so we spent the day at a shopping mall buying clothes.

  2. Seriously?!?!? Oh no… I hope that doesn’t happen again! I really want to go- I think it’ll be really interesting… but not if we end up at a strip mall!

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