Weekend = BOOORING

I was the laziest asshole of them ALL this weekend. Not only did I fall asleep during 2001: A Space Odyssey at like 10:30 on Saturday night, I had a NAP on Sunday afternoon. I never take naps. One morning per day is enough for me, thank you very much.

I didn’t do anything I planned- Earth Day activities, TPMG event, vacuuming, NOTHING.

So yeah- 2001 was the most boring movie I’ve ever watched. Honestly. I fast forwarded through the last 45 minutes of the film, just to get to the end. And the movie wasn’t even true to the book. Meh.

How do you like the new look of the blog?!? OK? Not OK? I just wanted it to be different than Maria’s Garlicster blog, which I just recently realized is using the same template! Any feedback would be appreciated.


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